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Elements really can be happy

Elemental Happiness


                -For an element happiness is full last energy level

                -Octet Rule = rule of 8

                -The elements want to become Noble gas


                -Before making elements happy there are a few simple notes you must know:

-Metals are very lose with there valance electrons, they are very ready give them away to any element that wants them

-Nonmetals are needy, they will take any electrons that another element doesnt want so that they can reach elemental happiness


1)To make an element it will want to have a full final energy level. To do this we need 2 different elements, a Metal and a Nonmetal. Drawing a Bohr diagram is a good visual aid, even going as far as to say absolutely necessary.

                E.g.: NaCl not NaCl2


2) Next we must reach elemental happiness to do this you will need to make each final energy level full, or to 8e- depending on the element. How do you make the last energy level full? Simple:


            Na (sodium) is a metal, metals as you know give away electrons

            Cl (chlorine) is a nonmetal, nonmetals like to take electrons

So to reach elemental happiness the metal (Na in this case) will give away its valance electron to the needy nonmetal (Cl)


Then your metal, Na, has a full last energy level of 8e-s and your nonmetal, Cl, has a full last energy level of 8e- also. You are left with the compound NaCl. You have reached elemental happiness


-Sometimes having a single metal to supply electrons (e-) or nonmetals to take the electrons is not enough. Adding more of the same element, whether it be a metal or nonmetal(depending if there is electrons lacking or a surplus), is fine. So long as in the end you end up with 8e-s or a full final energy level.


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