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Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab
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Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab
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Metal + Acid = Hydrogen gas?! How?

Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab


Your told to take some chemicals put them together and test to see what gasses are produced. They can either be Hydrogen gas (H2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) or Oxygen gas (O2). How are you going to do that?




Magnesium (Mg (s))

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl (l))

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Manganese Dioxide (MnO2)

Vinegar (CH3COOH)

Baking soda (NaHCO3)

Test Tubes

Glass tube with stopper

Lime Water

Popsicle sticks

Erlenmeyer flasks




What to do:

1) -You are told to put a chunk of Magnesium into an Erlenmeyer flask with a bit of Hydrochloric acid.


-Once you have done that take a Popsicle stick and light it on fire and place it in the beaker.


What you will observe:

            -Your light splint (Popsicle stick) will POP and go out.

What does that mean:

-Out of the three gasses you can choose from only Hydrogen gas makes a lit splint POP and go out.

Why does this happen:

-Hydrogen gas is very flammable and in the presence of heat or fire it will explode at a certain temperature.

2) -You are told to put Manganese dioxide into an Erlenmeyer flask with a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide.


-Once you have done that take a Popsicle stick and light it on fire then blow it out so it glows from the ambers and place it in the beaker.


What you will observe:

                  -Your glowing splint will re-light

      What does that mean:

-This happened because Oxygen is part of the fire triangle. The fire triangle is composed of three things: Fuel, Heat energy source and Oxygen.

            Why does this happen:

-When you have a glowing splint you have your fuel (splint), you have the heat source (the match that lit the splint which is now hot). But were does the third part of the triangle come in?  Hydrogen peroxide breaks down easily into two things, H2O (water) and O2 (oxygen gas). Manganese dioxide is a catalyst (which means: speed up a reaction). When it gets added it forces Hydrogen peroxide to break down faster. So when the Oxygen is released from the reaction it floats up around the glowing splint and completes the fire triangle.

3) -You are told to put a bit of Lime Water at the bottom of a Test Tube. In another Test Tube you have to put Baking Soda into a bit of vinegar. The put a Glass tube with rubber stopper, stopper side, into the Test Tube with Baking Soda. The other non-stopper side goes into the Lime Water.


What you will observe:

- Bubbles will come out of the glass tube in the Lime Water. The Lime Water will turn cloudy.

            What does that mean:

                        -Out of the three gasses(or any) only CO2 can turn Lime Water cloudy.


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