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Physical Science Notes 416-436
Tutoring Schedule
Tips and Tricks
Chemical and Physical Changes and properties
Periodic Table of the Elements: Properties of Elements
Atomic Theories and discoveries
Bohr Model
The Naming of Binary Compounds
Octet Rule/Elemental Happiness
Balancing Chemical Equations
pH Math
Acid Rain
Review Questions
Review tests
Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab
Conductivity Lab
Colour your world Lab
pH Lab
Isn't it Ionic Lab
Titration Lab 1 and 2
How to write a lab report
Tutoring Schedule
Fun Facts
Contact Us

Having trouble in one subject more than another? No problem, come the days you need

Hello again everyone!! Its a new school year, and with new school years come new friends, new teachers and new subjects. To the Students starting Physical Science this year we welcome you to this extremly pHun and interesting course. This year you will be learning about many things you probably did not know existed.

This can or cannot be an easy course. If you pay attention in class, study and most of all do your homework you should do fine. But sometimes we dont understand the materials even if we do all of the above. Thats were tutoring comes in handy! Lauren Rodrigues used to be a Physical Science student just like you last year with only one difference, she tutored quite a few students in Physical Science. This year she is in grade 11 and is still tutoring. So wether you are in grade 10 and are new to the course, or in sec 5 and are in the remidial she can help you.

This year thought things will be done differently. She will not be waiting for you everyday in laboratory because her schedule doesnt permit her to do so. But that doesnt mean tutoring is over. If you need tutoring or help with a question or whatever other science problem you having there are a few ways to get in contact with her. Bellow are a few ways.

1) You can find her in the hallway, her locker is in the Science hall way, rooms 200, 201 and 202 are there (200 and 202 bieng laboratories). You can see if she is there in the morning or at recess. At the begining of lunch (11:45-11:50) She will be at her locker so you can see her then. Just ask when you need help, usually even if you see her right before lunch she will make time for you that day.

2) Should you not be able to find her you can tell your Physical Science teacher that you need her and that you cant find her but you need tutoring. They will tell her that you need her and if she is free you can meet her in the lab. You should tell your teacher: why, when and what you need her for(mainly when).

3) You can also e-mail her if none of the above suit you. You can get her e-mail on the "Contact Us" page. Be sure to include the following: Your name, when you need her, why you need her. Also it is helpful if you include a few of your marks you have gotten previously.

There are a few rules and information you must follow before you come to the tutoring. They are as follows:
1) You MUST bring ALL of your science books and sheets.
-Science Quest
-Discovering Matter and Energy
-All previous exams/test
-Lab books
-Note books
2) If you are re-doing or have not done it, your teacher must be aware that you are doing it. Your teacher will be there to supervise.
3) Tutorials this year start at 12:00 and end at the end of Lunch.
4) Tutorials are held in Lab 200, also known as Ms. McRae's lab.
5) Should you want tutorials after school you must let Lauren know a few days in advance.
6) Be prepared to take notes and recieve sheets.
7) Respect gets respect, please do not be rude/crude/mean when you are getting tutored. The teachers are respectful members of society and if you are pleasant with them they will be with you.
For the student who just doesnt care about Science:
If you do not want to have to come to the tutoring sessions a good suggestion would be to listen in class. These sessions do not go 100% in depth into what you can learn in class(though pretty close). The tutoring sessions do not guarantee a pass on the final exam. Its a well known fact that if you listen in class and ignore all other distractions you learn a lot better.
Wether you are getting help from St. Thomas's extrodinary Science department staff or Lauren Rodrigues you must listen to what they say. If they give you homework or extra work do it. They know what will help you pass the course. They do not expect you to get 90% (thought that would be nice for you). But people have each there own capabilities. If the best you can do is a 65% by using 100% of your effort then it is even better than getting a 90%. People excel in different areas, the Staff wants you to pass and put all the effort you can, they cant and wont ask for more.
So good luck this new school year and we hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!

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