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Physical Science Notes 416-436
Tips and Tricks
Chemical and Physical Changes and properties
Periodic Table of the Elements: Properties of Elements
Atomic Theories and discoveries
Bohr Model
The Naming of Binary Compounds
Octet Rule/Elemental Happiness
Balancing Chemical Equations
pH Math
Acid Rain
Review Questions
Review tests
Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab
Conductivity Lab
Colour your world Lab
pH Lab
Isn't it Ionic Lab
Titration Lab 1 and 2
How to write a lab report
Tutoring Schedule
Fun Facts
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This is the second part of this site, it isnt done yet (there is still A LOT of work to do). But it is a work in progress and will hopefully be finished soon. This part of te site is all about the first 20 of the periodic table.

Science: The Atom

On this page a list of links to help you with your science needs is present. All these sites have been hand picked for their interesting, informant content. If there are any links you beleive are good feel free to contact us on the "Contact Us" page.
Chemsoc has an acurate time lines and interactive periodic table:

Need ideas or help for a science fair project? This is the place:


Another great periodic table. Contains pictures of actual elements. Also has all the information you could possibly need on each element:

Chem Team is a resourceful site for information for Chemistry. Also has many good example questions you can do:

Chem Team

A comprehensive web site for physics. A clear chart to pick the topic you need:


Funny lab mistakes gone compleatly wrong, famous scientist jokes and much more. Scientists do have  a sense of humour!

Science Jokes

Only the greatest song ever known to man kind; Thomas Lehrer's "The Elements" done in clever flash animation that will make you want to grab your periodic table and sing along!

"The Elements" song