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Physical Science Notes 416-436
How to write a lab report
Tips and Tricks
Chemical and Physical Changes and properties
Periodic Table of the Elements: Properties of Elements
Atomic Theories and discoveries
Bohr Model
The Naming of Binary Compounds
Octet Rule/Elemental Happiness
Balancing Chemical Equations
pH Math
Acid Rain
Review Questions
Review tests
Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab
Conductivity Lab
Colour your world Lab
pH Lab
Isn't it Ionic Lab
Titration Lab 1 and 2
How to write a lab report
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Your teacher wants a lab report but you dont know how to do one, this might help


This lab report


Writing a lab report doesnt have to be hard. The following notes were written originally by the Ms. McRae the Physical Science teacher who helped with the site. They are clear and simple, but they MAY NOT be what your teacher wants.


How to write a lab report


The Title

Your name:

Your Partner(s) name(s):

Date lab done:

Date lab submitted:


Purpose:  The reason for the lab activity. The problem to be solved.

                                e.g.: 1)to determine the percentage of brown-eyed people in the class


Notice that you do not write: /The purpose is to determine../ Its known to be the purpose because youll have already written that word down and underlined it.


Necessary Information:            information that you need to know in order to do the lab or to do the calculations


Materials:                  A list or a sketch of the setup labelled.


                                OR if given a lab sheet with this info just write: refer to attached sheet


Procedure:              A step by step point form list of what was done.


                                It should be in past tense.


                                OR a labelled sketch of the setup.


Results/Observations:              What did you see, feel (literally), small, hear


                                                NEVER taste anything!!


Calculations:            Show all calculations no matter how simple.


                                Only show 1 sample calculation for each type of calculation that you have to do.


                                Refer to attached graphs here


Analysis or Interpretation:                        This is where you discuss your results i.e. what do they mean? If you think something didnt work out. Why not?


Conclusion:                              Answer your purpose here with usually one two clear, concise sentences


Questions:                                If there are any questions with the lab, they are answered after the conclusion

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