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Physical Science Notes 416-436
Tips and Tricks
Chemical and Physical Changes and properties
Periodic Table of the Elements: Properties of Elements
Atomic Theories and discoveries
Bohr Model
The Naming of Binary Compounds
Octet Rule/Elemental Happiness
Balancing Chemical Equations
pH Math
Acid Rain
Review Questions
Review tests
Testing for H2, CO2 and O2 Lab
Conductivity Lab
Colour your world Lab
pH Lab
Isn't it Ionic Lab
Titration Lab 1 and 2
How to write a lab report
Tutoring Schedule
Fun Facts
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Science isnt that bad, infact you need it!

I hate science!...........This is so pointless!......This has nothing to do with real life!!

These are unfortunate words spoken by most students that have to study science in high school. But they are very untrue. Just because you do not like the course this year does not mean that science is bad. There are many different fields in the world of science: chemistry, physics, quantum physics, organic chemistry, analytical science, biology, biochemistry, micro-biology and the list goes on and on. In all of the choices you are given there will probably be at least one subject in science you can enjoy.


Science is anything but pointless and nothing to do with real life. If you ever listened once in one of your science classes you would have realised that everything is science! From the air you breathe to the car you drive in. Even your cloths are science! There is no escaping it. Without the magic of science there wouldnt be any radiation machines to help cure cancer patients, or without cathode ray tubes there wouldnt be any TV. Science is something that, as humans, we cannot live without. You yourself are a little chemical factory.

This world has had the privilege to meet many great scientists, from the rebellious woman Marie Curie to the e=mc man Albert Einstein.  Many other great scientists have come to this world: Isaac Newton, Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, John Dalton, Steven Hawking and many, many more. But without the original theorists like Democritus and Aristotle there might have never been such famous scientists and new information.


Let's get those gears in motion

You can learn it!

How can you possibly learn all of this? Its not as hard as it may apear. Here comes that awful Not 5 hours a night, not even 1 hour. A simple 15 minutes review a night is good enough to have a lot of the material sink in. Tip: Repeat what you are studying aloud and write it over and over, you'll remember what you studied much more.


Student A: I hate this! Magnetism is so repelling!
Student B: Actually I find it quite attractive.

Two molecules are walking down the street and they accidentally run into each other. One says to the other,

"Are you all right?"
"No, I lost an electron!"
"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive!"